Spire Photo Booth

Capture Memories in Style

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Are you looking to throw an event that no one will forget? Contact us about adding a spire photo booth to your next event. The Foto Booth Girlz provides top-quality photo booth rentals in New Orleans & Baton Rouge. Our spire photo booth is our newest booth addition. You can read about the features below!


The Spire Photo Booth captures professional-grade photographs and videos with a DSLR camera mounted on a retractable arm.

Spire's Photo Booth's retractable arm allows for both a classic eye-level camera angle and an overhead camera angle for new green screen experiences.

Using the easily adjustable orientation, angle, and zoom, I can extend the shot way beyond the perceived size of the photo booth and capture any kind of audience size; be it a single person, a couple, or even large groups (up to 50 in one shot).


Spire Photo Booth's retractable arm is an innovative key feature that provides a brand new photo booth experience, while still allowing for a top-of-the-line classic experience as well.

When extended, the arm allows for an overhead camera angle and new miraculous green screen experiences.

When the arm is retracted, the photo booth captures photos and videos from a classic eye-level camera angle.


Each side of the Spire Photo Booth is equipped with an ultra-wide 34" screen.

The front screen provides for an amazing interactive real estate, enhanced by dedicated premium assets that make full use of it.

The back screen provides for an amazing eye-catching real estate, featuring a beautiful gallery of the latest photos taken by a photo booth.